Within its leading technology,sirio pharma has finished the work from concept to product sublimation for softgel,tablet,gummy vitamins,powders,capsules,oral liquid and so on.

Standard Softgel technology

Softgel is a preferred dosage form which can be controllable absorption and easy to swallow. Our standard softgels are manufactured with gelatin which is complying with GMP standards . We are offering various colours, forms and sizes regarding to your individual request. Our printing technology of the softgel opens up even more possibilities for uniquely identifying your product by adding information.

Patented chewable softgel technology

Sirio has granted two patent applications in developing chewable softgel products with excellent mouth feel and taste, which is a favorite dosage form among consumers and suitable for both of the adults and children

Self-emulsifying/microemulsion softgel technology

While the self micro-emulsifying soft-gel disintegrated in human body, active ingredients will form oil/water micro-emulsifying liquid automatically existing in tiny oil particles, then fast spread around entire gastrointestinal tract. This technology can greatly enhance the absorption of non-dissolving active ingredients and improve the bioavailability.

Water-soluble softgel technology

By using water-based matrix, the active ingredients exist in liquid status after the shell disintegrating in stomach, which can be rapidly absorbed. With experience in formulation and manufacturing process for many years, Sirio has already solved the common problems such as leaking & hardening;

High-solid-content softgel technology

The content of solid in the formula can reach up to 75% , which is an advanced traditional breakthrough technology.

Enteric coating softgel

The technology enteric material for softgel coating, can reduce the irritation to stomach caused of certain ingredients; reduce the damage to active ingredients; and avoid unpleasant odor caused by burping. Besides, enteric coating softgel can be stored well in the condition of high-temperature & humidity.

Free-solvent technology

Avoiding the use of organic solvents such as ethanol in traditional process, the free-solvent technology is to ensure the safety of production, save the cost, and avoids the gelatin shell aging caused by the reaction with ethanol. The stability of the softgel products is ensured.

Non-leaking technology

With the advanced & strict process control, leakage rate of softgel products provided by Sirio can be controlled within one ten-thousandth or even less.

Standard tablet

Tablets are made of powders, mixtures of powders or granis. We can offer a series tablet products with custom colors, shapes and sizes according to your request. High stability of ingredients, precise checkable dosing are our standard tablet’s basic characteristics.

Effervescent tablets technology

Containing sodium bicarbonate & organic acid, effervesce tablet will be fast dissolved in water or other liquid with releasing carbon dioxide in the process which can be quickly absorbed.

Sirio’s Effervesce Tablet feature:

  • Unique product formula with great taste
  • Disintegration in 2 minutes
  • Transparent clarity when dissolved
  • Avoiding foaming when dissolved

Chewable tablet technology

Great tasting, attractive chewable tablets, can be manufactured in a choice of shapes that appeal to children. After chewing or sucking, the chewable tablets will be faster-dissolved when swallowing. Our experienced technology of chewable tablet enables appealing appearance and great taste even though containing much functional ingredients.