‘SIRIOusly’ Advanced

Sirio R&D Centre

As a contract manufacturer, our R&D center is unique in the dietary supplements industry. It’s the powerful driving force behind our business; enabling us to provide exceptional product solutions for our partners.

  • 20+ year pedigree of world class R&D in nutraceutical development and innovation
  • 80+ outstanding experts, with a powerful mix of academic and industry experience, including pharmacists, biologists, nutritionists, process engineers, chemical analysts. All our scientists have advanced qualifications and bachelors or masters or PhDs from internationally renowned institutions.
  • Independent R&D Lab: over 20,000 sq.ft and fully resourced to perform formulation, process studies, analytical method and stability. Not to mention a completed infrastructure to conduct pilot batches for all dosage forms.

Technology and Patents

13 Patents for innovations




A kind of Chewable Soft gel and its Preparation Method


Veggie Shell of Soft gel


A kind of Odorless, High Content DHA Gummy and its Preparation Method


A kind of Sugar-free Gummy Rich in Collagen and its Preparation Method


A kind of Calcium Gummy with High Content and its Preparation Method


A kind of Health Food of Increase Bone Health and Protect Function of Joint and its Preparation Method


A kind of Sugar-free Vitamin   Nutrition Gummy Contain VC and its Preparation Method


A kind of Natural Enteric Soft gel and its Preparation Method


A kind of Probiotics Soft gel and its Preparation Method


A kind of Preparation Method of High Content Calcium Pectin Nutrition Gummy


A kind of Bone Collagen High Calcium Tablet


A Kind of Water Soluble Vitamin E Soft gel and its Preparation Method


A Kind of Collagen Ceramide Beverage


  • 130+ heath foods registrations, ranked 4th in China (as of Dec. 31st, 2016)
  • 3,000+ product database, including formulations, processes, standards and stabilities
  • 2,000+ ingredient database for fast and accurate product development
  • Well-established process technology for softgel, nutraceutical gummy, veggiesoft®, probiotic, tablet, powder, capsule and functional beverage.

Research and Development

Through the marriage of cutting-edge technology and in-depth formulation expertise, our R&D center provides customers with superior products.

"Here to help you to succeed with fully integrated dietary supplement solutions from concept to realization."

  • Market research:
    Keen insights into global markets providing a reliable basis for implementing forward-thinking strategies.
    Profound understanding of global regulations in China
  • Product planning:
    A full integrated service that includes product position and proposal (including portfolio/line design, and product concept design)
  • Product development:
    1. Formulation and process research
    2. Sensory studies
    3. Standard and analytical methods (USP, AOAC, FCC, BP, Ph.Eur., etc.)
    4. Stability tests
    5. Consumer experience tests

Documentation Support

Sirio provides formulation and documentation support needed by clients all over the globe for their registrations or filings, based on each customer’s unique requirements.

  • Product Specifications
  • Formulation Forms
  • Raw Material Specifications
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Nutritional Information
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Stability Reports regarding special cases
  • Free sales certifications
  • Process flow
  • Technical statements
  • Reference text
  • Other related certificates

Consistently delivering a reliable and outstanding performance for your new products, which enables you to focus your efforts on maximizing your business opportunities.

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