Probiotics--Professional and Proven

Our customers globally report that probiotics have become a star category and are amongst the most commercially successful. Sirio’s approach is not to produce strains, but to focus on finding the perfect formulation and process.

  • Selected Proven Strains
    Working with reputable suppliers we only select strains that are proven by published clinical data
  • Professional Formula Design
    Our R&D team carry out 24-month stability studies, ensures strains reach their optimum efficacy level
  • Strict Production Conditions
    Dedicated probiotics workshop with strict temperature and humidity control ensures retention of strains activity
  • Temperature Controlled through whole process
    Temperature is strictly controlled through whole process, from raw materials to finished product delivery. We can minimize any activity loss!

Separate GMP Probiotics Workshop

  • Strict control of humility and temperature.
  • Independent air conditioning system to prevent cross-contamination
  • Specific selection and treatment of excipients to control water activity
  • Advaned multi-lane packaging machine
  • Water activity (Aw) of finished products is strictly controlled below 0.15 Aw to protect the stability of the probiotics

What We Provide

We have well- established formulae for:

  • Intestinal Health
  • Immune Health
  • Women's Health
  • We can provide you with multiple dosage forms, such as powder and hard capsules.