Nutraceutical Gummies – delivering delectable nutrition

Sweet, delicious and nutritional: our gummies are the most food-like available

Sirio has carried out years of systematic study into the Nutraceutical Gummie as a new carrier for nutritional ingredients. A consumer-friendly dosage form, our Nutraceutical Gummies offer a more pleasant and easy to consume way to add vitamins, minerals, Omega-3s and other functional ingredients.

Effectiveness – Based on knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of a variety of nutrients, our extensive formulation and process research ensures an even distribution of nutritional ingredients within a gummy.

Flavor – With ten years of experience, our Flavourist Team is uniquely equipped to modify the taste of nutrients to create truly appetizing flavours. This includes the know-how to comprehensively mask even unpleasant odours from special ingredients, such as bitter from some Vitamin B series and fishy taste from DHA oil etc.

Stability –We carry out stability testing for popular formulae at both ambient and accelerated conditions for appearance, texture and efficacy to make sure it can meet label claim.

Safety – A class 100,000 clean level workshop. Every batch undergoes QC, microbial, heavy metal testing, in addition to other key indicators.

Our capability

  • One dedicated gummy R&D team
  • Two gummy facilities in China
  • Five patents for nutraceutical gummies
  • 300+ nutraceutical gummies formulae

Customize your product

Creating your bespoke gelling agent

The base ingredients of all gummies are gelling agents, and the different types have a significant bearing on the finished product's overall texture and taste.

If you prefer a product that has elastic and chewable qualities – go for gelatin.
If you prefer a product with a soft, tender texture that is also vegetarian – go for pectin.

  1. Gelatine: derived from collagen obtained from animal sources – normally extracted as by-products of swine and bovine
  2. Pectin: contained in the cell walls of plants, is primarily extracted from citrus fruits and apple
  • Chewiness: gelatin > pectin
  • Melting temperature: gelatin < pectin
  • Vegetarian: pectin

Make the healthy choices more fun

We can manufacture a plethora of unique shapes and styles, depending on the customer’s need. Here are a few examples.

  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Natural colours and Natural flavours
  • No preservative
  • No Hydrogenated fat
  • Can be low sugar or sugar free

Ready-to-go Formulae:

  • Multivitamin Nutraceutical Gummies
  • B Complex Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Vitamin C Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Calcium & Vitamin D Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Milk Minerals Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Iron Nutraceutical Gummies
  • DHA Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Coenzyme Q10 Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Krill oil Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Astaxanthin Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Lutein Ester Nutraceutical Gummies
  • Fibre Nutraceutical Gummies (Inulin, Polydextrose)
  • Other Nutritional Ingredient Nutraceutical Gummies
  • For more ready-to-go formula, contact us.